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Crimes of Violence Cases

An individual accused of aggravated assault offenses faces a possible sentence of up to 20 years in prison. Crimes of violence can result in very serious convictions and punishment. The severity of injuries to the victim, whether or not guns or other weapons were used, and whether or not the accused has a criminal record will affect the crime’s seriousness. An aggressive defense by an experienced attorney is the key to achieving a favorable result for a citizen accused of a violent crime.


Martin LeNoir has tried numerous serious crimes of violence cases to NOT GUILTY verdicts before juries. The reason for his successful jury verdicts is simple. Martin LeNoir will leave no stone unturned in the investigation of the case, and he will be one hundred percent prepared to cross examine the State’s witnesses and present favorable defense evidence at trial.

As a former prosecutor, Martin LeNoir knows how an investigation is conducted and what moves the other side will make. He will hire the finest investigators and forensic consultants to assist in the defense of the case. He will begin preparing for trial the moment he is retained. When he announces “ready for trial,” he will be completely prepared for trial. His preparation will put him head and shoulders above the opposition, and he will achieve the best result possible for the client. Martin LeNoir has been described by a former adversary as a “combination legal scholar, street fighter, and evangelist.” He has a formidable reputation as a trial lawyer.

Even in cases where the facts dictate that the accused must plead guilty, Martin LeNoir has negotiated probated sentences with no term of imprisonment. In one particular high profile murder case, Martin LeNoir was able to persuade the jury that the individual that they had just convicted of murder was deserving of probation.

While other lawyers may claim to have “handled” or to have “experience” in defending individuals charged with crimes of violence, Martin LeNoir has obtained acquittals. Simply put, Martin LeNoir cares about his clients and their cases and will provide them with superior representation.

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