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Cyber Crimes

As the Internet becomes more prevalent in our lives, it becomes a magnet for criminal activity. State and federal prosecutors are fast on the track of cyber criminals.


Cyber crimes cover the entire spectrum of frauds and crimes against personal safety and identity.

Martin LeNoir understands this technologically complicated area of law. The very nature of the internet can create avenues of defense and objections to certain types of evidence which the Government may seek to introduce, and thus create opportunities to block or severely restrict prosecution efforts to convict. In the same vein, persons wrongfully accused or mistakenly being investigated concerning these matters have a right and need to be protected and have knowledgeable and experienced counsel to guide them.

Martin LeNoir has successfully defended cyber crime cases, obtaining the following outcomes.

  • Client was accused of possession of child pornography. A plea bargain was reached where the client received probation.

  • Client was accused of possession of child pornography. The jury in the 292nd Judicial District of Dallas County, Texas, acquitted the client.

  • Client, a software engineer, was accused of hacking into a mortgage company’s website and stealing proprietary software. No charges were filed.


Mr. LeNoir handles a wide range of cyber crimes stemming from the illegal use of email, websites, social media, chat rooms and message boards, including:

  • Bogus emails

  • Bullying

  • Credit card fraud

  • Hacking

  • Harassment

  • Identity theft

  • Misuse of social media, such as Facebook and Twitter

  • Phishing

  • Sex crimes

  • Child pornography

  • Child procurement

  • Cyber stalking

  • Posing as a minor

  • Pornography

  • Use of stolen credit card numbers

  • Virus creation and dissemination

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